Sunday, April 2, 2017

Cynthia Bushey reads "The Other Side" and "We're Different, We're the Same"

We're Different, We're the Same, by Bobbi Kates,  illustrated by Joe Mathieu

Cynthia Bushey read two books to a Northfield Kindergarten class on March 22, 2017.  First she read The Other Side, a book about children being told by adults not to associate with those on the other side (see two posts below for a summary).

Young children don't see differences as reasons not to associate with people of color or other cultures. They are taught, Cyntia says. Adults teach children racism, so she shared how people are different but the same through the book We're Different, We're the Same.  This led into a discussion comparing the two books.   

Her activity was related to The Sesame Street book  Cyndy writes, “I cut out flower stems, leaves, and petals so each child could construct a flower. I had 4 different petal shapes. Each flower’s petals were different shades/patterns of orange. No flowers would be the same. The children glued their flower on a large piece of construction paper. They have a beautiful garden of orange flowers -the same but different.”

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